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Ok, so the site is called 3Wheels.org because we’re into bikes right?, well it pains me to admit the sidecar hasn’t been ridden for 8 months because of this:

First drive

4wheels! The latest construction project took 4 years, XYZ dollars and much patience but is now rampaging the streets.

Built up from a written off wreak, wreaked by a hit in the rear so the front remained straight, we have rear access, two fold down seats for the kids, and front passenger fixed seat. Plus much more!


In the mean time we have a brief look at the beast here.

Girls first drive

Random images we have been to slack to properly write-up

Outfit reviews

The brothers sidecar

Triumph wheelchair transporter

Stan’s owner built sidecar

German sidecar porn.

Charlie’s owner built trike

Greg’s Spyder

Brett’s TMAX


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