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Internet links and general adapted freedom machines

The following is a collection of internet reviews, stories and resources of interest (perhaps) to motorbiking wheelies.

Vince from Pegasus has sent us details of his proposed vehicle. I think this concept has a lot of appeal as a Spyder alternative, for those who can transfer, with all the benefits but potentially greater carrying capacity. I’m sure a small company could offer the linked brakes and a wheelchair rack as options, the missing components from the Spyder. Details on the Pegasus Vigilante here.

Yamaha TMax with rear stability wheels as developed by Tony Tofield in the UK. Tony transfers from his wheelchair to ride the scooter in the normal riding position. His chair mounts behind the passengers seat Story here.

Tonys story is told on the website of UK National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD). This excellent website is located here.

The machine that got many of us back riding, the original Nippi is here.

Also from the UK (notice some sort of pattern here?) is the Martin Conquest. Maybe an aquired taste, but you have to admit they have put the effort in. Website here. (Actually this is the US website, what has happened in the UK?)

If you like abit of bling the STR8SHOT may be your thing. Website here.

The Tomco sidecar was (is?) a dedicated drive-from-wheelchair sidcar built in the US in the nineties(?). Fitted to your bike of choice, these were a popular outfit and it’s a shame they are not still made. Pics here.