Honda 700cc Sidecar

Stan’s Honda sidecar

has several unique features not seen by on any other freedom machine, noticeable an auto clutch and gear change adaption allowing a mid-level quad to ride a manual motorbike and secondly a unique solution to the throttle which is controlled by the riders elbow. Stan has taught himself fabrication skills and rather than compromise his choice of bike  he has solved the control issues of the bike  he loves. Hat’s off to you mate, great job!

by Stan Snodgrass

11 yrs ago I broke my neck in a bmx bicycle jump, leaving me a c5-c6 quad, I have no movement below the shoulders and only partial arm movement, partial wrist function, and no hand function. I used to ride street and dirt bikes before I got hurt, so my love for biking never disappeared; it only got delayed.

 Two years ago I saw a Tomco bike sidecar rig for a wheelchair user and thought I’ll bet I could modify it to work for me, so I bought the rig. It was a slow little CB400 Honda, but it got me riding again. After riding a while, I quickly sold my handicap van, determining that I would become a hardcore bike lovin’ fool once more! After a year, that little bike gave up the ghost ‘cause I rode the life out of it, so now I had no transportation at all.

Over the summer I bought a few “fixer upper” bikes to make a bit of money, which I did, then took that money and bought an ‘86 VFR700 Honda that wasn’t running, for 500 bucks. After fixing the dirty kill switch, I had it running the next day. After a good carb cleaning and some oil leaks sealed up, I had a great running bike, so instead of selling it I said, ‘damn… That bike would be awesome if I could drive the beast,’ and made my mind up to make it happen!!

With the help of my good friend, Nick Spano we set my ideas in motion. Nick is my caregiver, and he stepped up to the plate to help me five days a week, but he had no prior mechanical experience. Let’s just say he’s learned a lot since helping me! He and his wife have become really good friends to me, and Nick basically turned wrenches and screwdrivers, and cut metal for me to weld.

Learning to weld by practice, practice, practice I did all the little intricate welds on stuff like my steering outrigger/tie rod connection, my elbow operated throttle, my elbow operated shifter, and many other small things like handle bars, etc.

Garry, the owner of EFM auto clutch, donated a clutch for my bike allowing me to ditch the clutch lever. It works great, and riding this trike wouldn’t have been possible without it, so a great big thanks to Garry and Nick for helping me achieve my goal. You guys rock!!!

A lot of people are inspired by my bike, (and myself, I suppose,) and I love the fact that my bike is way different from the rest, and quite fast and loud. I’ve had it up to 95 mph in fourth, but would love to really push it to see what she can do. Maybe I’ll even set a quadriplegic land speed record someday. Why not, right?

People sometimes say things like “genius” or “incredible” when they see my bike in person, but I’m quick to point out that I’m no genius, or anything too special. What I am is damn stubborn! I’m too stubborn to quit, too stubborn to believe I can’t, too stubborn to just roll over and die, and too stubborn to be sad about life.

I love to ride and show my bike, and I also compete in pool tournaments, which I do very well at. I also like to paint photo realistic art, and once in a while, I like to jam some blues on my slide guitar, keyboard, or harmonica. My philosophy is find something that makes you happy, and pursue that happiness with a stubborn determination, cherish your family and friends, and never give up on doing something new, or something that will make you happy.

Life is good, and it is what you make of it!

Impressive. Video of Stan’s outfit is on YouTube at and here:

Google “Stan Snodgrass” and see videos of Stan welding, play pool, playing guitar and generally enjoying life, living his philosophy. Mate, I don’t know if we’ll every meet on the road but if we do, I’m buying the beer! 

I’ve asked Stan for detail shots of the unique adaptions he has developed and he sent thru these annotated pictures.


Manual gearbox shifter highlighted, operation is by riders elbow, auto clutch (by EFM) solves clutch pull issues.


Stan's elbow operated throttle adaption.


Wrist stability / hand grip, this one may require some explanation, here is Stan again:

“ far as the wrist control, I wrap my fingers round the rubber handle grip, then with my other hand, flap the leather over the top of my arm, so the spring lock can be pushed onto its lock tabs….it stays locked while driving then I hit a lil trigger to spring it unlocked…the whole wrist control swivels side to side  so I can still turn the bars.”

Latest view with fearing and windshild fitted.

Latest view with fearing and windshield.

13 thoughts on “Honda 700cc Sidecar

  1. I made the windshield in a hurry…im gonna refine it and make the whole frame removable for summer…I’ve also installed a weed sprayer that pumps up with a 12v tire pump,so that i can have water misted on me during those hot summer rides….thats a little life saver for a quadriplegic and it works great…plus you could drink from it if stranded

  2. oh…one note about the brakes…after tieing the front and sidecar brakes together,i had the rear tire brake that i use now as the emergency/parking brake so i can park on hills or slopes etc….i just welded a handle to the foot brake pedal….when i push the lever forward the handle is flexable enough to act spring loaded…so i just hook it onto a bolt thats sticking out right in the right spot….

    video to come soon to explain any unique thing that we did,controls,etc.

  3. i've worked out a nice reverse using a geared ccw starter motor and a flexplate starting gear on the side of the wheel...had too run a bigger battery cost=$90 ...30 for battery 15 for gear 30 for starter and 15 for jumper cables on said:

    works great…can pull me backwards up a smal hill…on level ground it’ll reverse at like 8mph..with a bigger flexplate and a smaller starter pinion gear it would have massive torque….my rig weighs about 1,000 pounds with me in it…if your sitting in the rig,and tje starter on the right side of a wheel…you’ll need a ccw rotation starter..if it’s on the left side of wheel,then a cw rotation starter….also has to be a gear reduction starter or you wont have enough torque

  4. I also added links to Stan’s Honda Sidecar Reverse to this page.
    Hey Brett, there is excellent content on your website.
    I think I will be referring my visitors to your website often.

  5. I’m so impressed Stan…you get top prize for being such an inventive freedom junkie! I am going to also check out those youtube videos, but until then, keep up the amazing ‘creative’ work. BTW, I came to your site, as I was googling ideas for sidecars, now that I have a 6 month old : ) My wife and I always loved to camp from the motorcycle (V-Strom) and I want to build something unique for us, now three! I really enjoyed the site.

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