Mike’s Ducati sidecar

Mike’s Ducati

Mike writes:

The Sidecar was built by a guy called Geoff Rawson formally of Metmachex engineering in Alfreton Derbyshire. He is now retired. The outfit is light and very responsive. I’ve travelled extensively over Europe and my life has always revolved around motorbikes. I had a RTA when I was 20 and am a T2 Paraplegic. That was 40 yrs. ago and I’ve had various conventional sidecar outfits over the years. The Duke is the easiest to use with my worn out shoulders and I have a BMW R1100R being built at the moment in the same guise. (I’ll get the pics to you when it’s completed) I am hopefully starting my ride next year 2015 which will be 40yrs post-accident. I have Ducati Australia support and I will contact you with details and perhaps you and your mates could ride a few miles? (you bet, Ed)

Feel free to post as the more info we get out there for others makes good for us all to ride free together.


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3 thoughts on “Mike’s Ducati sidecar

  1. I own the Can Am Spyder that is on this site. I am interested on how you are getting the bike and sidecar to Australia? I was thinking of riding around NZ for about a month. I was going to crate my spyder and put it on a boat and meet it over in NZ. I have a car to travel about for the period of not having a trike. I hope you realise Australia is about 20000k to circumnavigate with lots of wide open spaces and long distances between cities or towns in some cases. I would like to know what time of the year you intend to arrive and coming into what city? I usually travel 400k a day when I am on the move. It takes at least 9 days to travel between Brisbane and Cairns. With touring around it is around 2000k and need time to visit tourism destinations. For instance January to the end of March is cyclone and monsoon season up north and very wet. Coming from UK you would probably enjoy the wet. lol If you go south to Sydney to Melb and over to Perth you are hitting 40 c degree days that will wipe the smile off your face. I think you will need a camel pack so you can sip water and not get dehydrated. I am interested to your reply and see where it takes us for next year.

    • Greg, I used to routinely do the run from Gold Coadt to Rockhampton in 1 day, then Rocky to Pt Douglas on day 2. How did you calculate 9 days?

  2. Hi Greg, just an update about the planning for the ride around Oz. The outfit is going to be shipped by Ducati as well as maintained by Ducati Australi & NZ. I am struggling with accommodation sponsorship at the minute hoped that ‘Best Western’ would help but no chance. The ride will hopefully add some monies to SIA in Oz and the Uk. I understand the distances involved and i take on board your concerns with the weather. I did plan on October this year but lets get things from my end nailed before i announce the ride. Your right that the Uk prepares us for all sorts of weather, but to be honest i enjoy the challenge even at 40 degrees. Take care and ride free.

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